Day 25 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs 5 days to Go

26 Nov

Does it help to know how many days we have left? I’m not sure. But everything comes down to deadlines, right?
There are 30 days left until Christmas. That’s 29 shopping days, I think. Unless you shop on line Christmas morning.
There are 3 days until Thanksgiving, 4 days until Black Friday.
And I have 25 days left before I bid my YA novel adieu.
So, I wonder how many people are motivated by deadlines and how many are stressed by them.
If anyone actually reads this blog and has a moment to answer, I’d love to know.
There are approximately 18 hours before the winter storm hit with 10 inches of snow. I have 45 minutes before the stroke of midnight when my blog will officially be late.
If you enter any Irish Pub/bar in the U.S you will find a clock with a countdown to Saint Patrick’s Day, even down to the seconds!
I’m late more than I am on time. What does that say about me and deadlines?
I never determine to be late, but I’ve been told that I have programmed myself to be late per the decisions I make.
Hmmm if I had time to think that one through…


Day 24 of 30 Days/30 Blogs Waiting for snow

25 Nov

In our house there is always a mixture of excitement and dread when it come to snow. Something about crazy weather, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs is a bit of a fetish.
The first snowfall is always beautiful. Anything over six inches becomes, man against nature. And the stuff in between is just plain work.
My husband and son watch all three local stations on the TV to see if anyone sounds like they know something the others don’t. And then there’s The Weather Channel,
The most reliable, is the Chicago station, because if it’s happening there, it’s coming here.
When Lary first began the landscape company in spring 1987, everyone asked what he was going to do for work in the winter. He said, “We’ll see.”
In late fall of that same year, as I looked through the Tri-County Advertiser, I saw an ad that said, “24-hour snowplowing service.” It listed OUR home phone as the contact number.
I said, “Lary, we don’t own a plow.”
He said, “We’ll see.”
Well, plenty of people saw the ad and called. So, he bought a plow at the auction and that’s how we began our year-round business.

My Aunts were all very upset. My mom had passed away by then, so they took over her portion of worry and added it to their own.
The problem was, they hated snow. They dreaded it every year and it got worse as they got older; the fear of having to drive in it or get stuck in it, or housebound because of it, caused them great anxiety.
But, they felt guilty praying for ‘no snow’ because we earned our winter income by it.
Oh, how delighted they were when they heard the words, “snow-removal contracts.”
We liked the snow that fell in our are over the last 48 hrs. But now I say we’re done until Christmas. Just my opinion

Day 23 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Is This Worth It

24 Nov

It’s after midnight, so technically, I missed the day’s post. But I’m ignoring the technicality. Today isn’t tomorrow until I’ve had some sleep in between, which I haven’t.
So for me, technically, it’s still Saturday.
I’ve been up this late every night trying to complete massive edits on my manuscript. A few weeks ago I said It was doing Major edits after receiving feed-back from a teen reader. Now, following my last critique group meeting, I’ve progressed to MASSIVE edits.
I’m not going to make my deadline of November 27, or the 30th either. My new deadline is December 20th. That’s way too close to Christmas for me, but I don’t see another way unless I simply throw in the towel.
But I promised myself…
Each time I get stuck in another spot, I ask myself, Is this worth it?
I guess I won’t know if I don’t finish. But I wonder.
I remember hearing someone ask, “How old will I be when I’m finally good at piano if I start right now?” The answer: “Same age as you’ll be if you don’t.”
So I guess that’s my answer as well.

Day 22 of 30 Days/30 Blogs Today and Next Year

23 Nov

I’ve made a decision. Once the 30 days are complete, I’ll pick one day each week to work on, and post a blog. I’ll take time to learn how blogging is supposed to be done and how to post more effectively.
And I won’t allow myself to wait until so close to midnight to do it.
Next year, I think it will be fun to try again. Each blog is supposed to be around 1200 words. Next year I’ll follow the rules more closely.
Today, I can’t think of one more word to write.

Day 21 of 30 Days/ 30/Blogs Friends

22 Nov

I went to the gym today only because I had a faithful friend to go with. Pitiful. I should be able to go on my own, simply because I need to. However, it’s always more fun with a friend.

Everything is more fun with a friend, I think. Don’t get me wrong, I like my alone time as well. But a friend makes you laugh, listens, talks while you listen, and gives you a perspective that you weren’t aware of. Even tells you when you’re getting a little crazy or downright weird,

I still have childhood friends, and thanks to face book, I’ve been in contact with high school friends and grown-up friends that have moved away.

And then there’s new friends too. Just when you thought you were too old to make any.

But there’s nothing like a face to face friend to laugh with, cry with, pray with…and go to the gym with.

Day 20 of 30 Days/30 Blogs Christmas in the Classroom and at My Piano

21 Nov

There is one way in which I get a jump start on celebrating Christmas every year…MUSIC. It begins as early as Halloween some years, with the preparation of third grade children on their flutophone.
Where I teach, third grade is a big deal in my music class. Once we’ve gone over keyboard basics in September and October, we introduce the flutophone. Guitar waits until April.
We take a couple weeks to learn the basics, and then plunge into Christmas songs. The children who’ve convinced themselves they simply can NOT read music, miraculously learn to play Jingle Bells and Joy to the World, and off they go with melody and harmony or whatever it takes.
Here at home on my piano each student proudly begins with Jingle Bells and Joy to the World as well. The more advanced try the Carol of the Bells or Linus and Lucy. I even have a simple edition of The Nutcracker Suite which also subs as a coloring book for the young ones.
In my Mini Maestros class on Friday we’ll begin Over the River and Through the Woods with little shakers, bells, clackers and sand blocks for sound affects.
I think we’ll be prepared in time for Christmas.

Day 19 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Christmas can wait until December, can’t it?

20 Nov

Sorry for the long title, but I’m getting anxious. There is still over one week to go before Thanksgiving, and already people are boasting they have their Christmas shopping done and all the gifts wrapped.
It’s not that I’m a purest. I really wish I was one of those folks who were done.
I haven’t figured out Christmas cards yet, whether or not I’ll include a family picture. There’s no plan. I’d feel better if I didn’t have to think about it until after Thanksgiving. By that I mean, that no one else goes around saying, within earshot of me, that they are done, because then I feel behind.
Last year I got a little desperate. I wanted to get both brand new baby grandsons, each, a jumperoo. I was so happy to have decided what to get them. Unfortunately, everyone was sold out. I searched everywhere, and then, all too close to Christmas, found them. That was a little stressful. I’d like to avoid that.
Today I put out the Thanksgiving towels in the kitchen. Tomorrow I’ll buy the turkey. Friday, I just might do a little Christmas shopping. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration along the way for our Christmas card/letter.
I just don’t want to lose sight of what’s important this year. Hope you don’t either.