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At long last –Day 30 of 30 Days/30 Blogs

1 Dec

And so it ends. On this final day of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs, I’ve managed to begin writing at the early hour of 11 pm as I sit by the fire. At least my final post will appear on time, before the stroke of midnight.
There’s something satisfying about seeing a thing to its end.But then again, that’s just me. I wasn’t always this way. But I like this way better.
This helped me a great deal. I might continue once in a while. But my deadline is soon approaching and it needs all my focus if this manuscript re-write will be completed. It has to be.
But life has to continue amid the deadlines. People need us. The cats need us. And the house doesn’t want to be left undressed for Christmas.
I started to put away the fall/Thanksgiving decorations while my husband, Lary put the lighted houses and green garland on the mantle and our youngest son, Sam, hung the lights outside.
It is the last day of November, going into the last month of 2013, and I wonder what the New Year will bring?
I’m hoping for continued blessings as well as sufficient grace to walk through the tough parts that come. I’m believing for a better focus on what really matters and a lighter grip on what doesn’t.
When I was a child, 2001 was a space Odyssey. Hmmmm


Day 16 of 30 Days/30 Blogs Rochester Children’s Book Festival

17 Nov

This is the third year I’ve attended the Rochester Children’s Book Festival at Monroe Community College, and the second time I’ve volunteered for it. A great time was had by all. It was wonderful to meet authors and illustrators from all over, watch them interact with their young, adoring, (and adorable) fans. And it was encouraging to see how many children are excited about reading. Kudos to their parents and grandparents.

The children and their parents stood in long lines at times, to get their books signed by the authors. I heard one mother tell her son that throughout her entire childhood and with all the books she read during that time, she’d never once met the author of any of her favorites.

As a result of this close encounter with their favorite authors, I believe we’ll enjoy a whole new generation of authors in the not too distant future.

Good job everyone.