Day 27 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Thankful

28 Nov

Once again I’ll say, if I haven’t gone to bed yet, it’s still today, not tomorrow, but I feel like saying Happy Thanksgiving now!
I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland and I’m thankful it looks this nice without having to have had a blizzard to accomplish it.
I’m thankful for my wonderful sister-in-law Terry Zale who is preparing the Thanksgiving feast, even though she didn’t have the day off today.
I’m thankful for face book so I can see both my grandsons faces nearly everyday and watch what they’re doing, even when I can’t be with them.
I’m thankful for my family, especially my husband Lary, because he loves me, likes me most of the time too, and puts up with me. And because he gets up in the middle of the night to feed and let the cats out so I don’t have to.
I’m thankful for my kids who, aren’t kids anymore, but they call or text everyday to let me know they’re thinking of me.
And since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m thankful than tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can wish it to everyone again.
Sweet Dreams


One Response to “Day 27 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Thankful”

  1. susangilbertcollins November 28, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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