Day 25 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs 5 days to Go

26 Nov

Does it help to know how many days we have left? I’m not sure. But everything comes down to deadlines, right?
There are 30 days left until Christmas. That’s 29 shopping days, I think. Unless you shop on line Christmas morning.
There are 3 days until Thanksgiving, 4 days until Black Friday.
And I have 25 days left before I bid my YA novel adieu.
So, I wonder how many people are motivated by deadlines and how many are stressed by them.
If anyone actually reads this blog and has a moment to answer, I’d love to know.
There are approximately 18 hours before the winter storm hit with 10 inches of snow. I have 45 minutes before the stroke of midnight when my blog will officially be late.
If you enter any Irish Pub/bar in the U.S you will find a clock with a countdown to Saint Patrick’s Day, even down to the seconds!
I’m late more than I am on time. What does that say about me and deadlines?
I never determine to be late, but I’ve been told that I have programmed myself to be late per the decisions I make.
Hmmm if I had time to think that one through…


One Response to “Day 25 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs 5 days to Go”

  1. Julie November 29, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    Being a procrastinator, I need deadlines or nothing will get done!

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