Day 24 of 30 Days/30 Blogs Waiting for snow

25 Nov

In our house there is always a mixture of excitement and dread when it come to snow. Something about crazy weather, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs is a bit of a fetish.
The first snowfall is always beautiful. Anything over six inches becomes, man against nature. And the stuff in between is just plain work.
My husband and son watch all three local stations on the TV to see if anyone sounds like they know something the others don’t. And then there’s The Weather Channel,
The most reliable, is the Chicago station, because if it’s happening there, it’s coming here.
When Lary first began the landscape company in spring 1987, everyone asked what he was going to do for work in the winter. He said, “We’ll see.”
In late fall of that same year, as I looked through the Tri-County Advertiser, I saw an ad that said, “24-hour snowplowing service.” It listed OUR home phone as the contact number.
I said, “Lary, we don’t own a plow.”
He said, “We’ll see.”
Well, plenty of people saw the ad and called. So, he bought a plow at the auction and that’s how we began our year-round business.

My Aunts were all very upset. My mom had passed away by then, so they took over her portion of worry and added it to their own.
The problem was, they hated snow. They dreaded it every year and it got worse as they got older; the fear of having to drive in it or get stuck in it, or housebound because of it, caused them great anxiety.
But, they felt guilty praying for ‘no snow’ because we earned our winter income by it.
Oh, how delighted they were when they heard the words, “snow-removal contracts.”
We liked the snow that fell in our are over the last 48 hrs. But now I say we’re done until Christmas. Just my opinion


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