Day 23 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Is This Worth It

24 Nov

It’s after midnight, so technically, I missed the day’s post. But I’m ignoring the technicality. Today isn’t tomorrow until I’ve had some sleep in between, which I haven’t.
So for me, technically, it’s still Saturday.
I’ve been up this late every night trying to complete massive edits on my manuscript. A few weeks ago I said It was doing Major edits after receiving feed-back from a teen reader. Now, following my last critique group meeting, I’ve progressed to MASSIVE edits.
I’m not going to make my deadline of November 27, or the 30th either. My new deadline is December 20th. That’s way too close to Christmas for me, but I don’t see another way unless I simply throw in the towel.
But I promised myself…
Each time I get stuck in another spot, I ask myself, Is this worth it?
I guess I won’t know if I don’t finish. But I wonder.
I remember hearing someone ask, “How old will I be when I’m finally good at piano if I start right now?” The answer: “Same age as you’ll be if you don’t.”
So I guess that’s my answer as well.


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