Day 19 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Christmas can wait until December, can’t it?

20 Nov

Sorry for the long title, but I’m getting anxious. There is still over one week to go before Thanksgiving, and already people are boasting they have their Christmas shopping done and all the gifts wrapped.
It’s not that I’m a purest. I really wish I was one of those folks who were done.
I haven’t figured out Christmas cards yet, whether or not I’ll include a family picture. There’s no plan. I’d feel better if I didn’t have to think about it until after Thanksgiving. By that I mean, that no one else goes around saying, within earshot of me, that they are done, because then I feel behind.
Last year I got a little desperate. I wanted to get both brand new baby grandsons, each, a jumperoo. I was so happy to have decided what to get them. Unfortunately, everyone was sold out. I searched everywhere, and then, all too close to Christmas, found them. That was a little stressful. I’d like to avoid that.
Today I put out the Thanksgiving towels in the kitchen. Tomorrow I’ll buy the turkey. Friday, I just might do a little Christmas shopping. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration along the way for our Christmas card/letter.
I just don’t want to lose sight of what’s important this year. Hope you don’t either.


One Response to “Day 19 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs Christmas can wait until December, can’t it?”

  1. susangilbertcollins November 20, 2013 at 5:07 am #

    Certain relatives will jump on getting Christmas presents asap, and yes, it always stresses me out too! I just hope you find time to bake that wonderful bread you make during the holidays, and that everyone loves – unless it will stress you out, in which case, buy it from a baker. 🙂

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