Day 18 of 30 Days/ 30 Blogs

20 Nov

I went to the “Book Club Bash” at the Lift Bridge bookstore tonight. Even though I’m not in a book club, I felt very welcomed and enjoyed hearing what people in book clubs all over the country are reading.
One group asked me if I’d like to join, and I just might.
Some of the groups meet right there in the store at night, some take turns in people’s homes. It sounded like a lot of fun.
There were drawings for free books. I got one about a Christmas dog. It looked like nice light reading, but I traded with a woman who won a book on the life of Jimmie Hendrix.
When I was in 7th grade, my parents took a trip to Florida and I stayed with my friend Annette and her family who lived next door.
Annette’s sister had a 45 of Jimmie Hendrix “Purple Haze” which I played over and over, probably fifty times a day.
I don’t remember how I heard this, but I was devastated to hear that Jimmie Hendrix did heroin. I didn’t know that much about drugs, but I knew heroin could kill you.
I couldn’t imagine anyone as talented as Jimmie Hendrix dying young from drugs, so I wrote him a letter, telling him how much I liked his music, and asked him to reconsider his drug use and get help.
I cried my eyes out when he died.


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