Day 17 of 30 Days/30 Blogs It was a Dark and Stormy Night

18 Nov

Well, it IS a dark and stormy night. And for a while it was rather loud as well. Now it’s very quiet and I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or if I should be on guard. Could this be “the calm before the REAL storm?”
In our house, we’ve always loved a good storm. Lary and I have made such a big deal about storms that our kids never had a chance to be frightened of them. We’d hop in the car and drive to see where you could witness the most vivid streaks of lightening across the sky or the most defined rainbow when it was over.
When a tree fell on our house, Lary and I cheered. The tree was huge, at least twice the height of the house, and needed to come down but we couldn’t afford to hire someone for the job, nor did we have the equipment to do it ourselves. But it had to be done before we could get our roof replaced. Couldn’t afford that at the time either.
A sudden summer storm came through and toppled the tree on top of the house and took a portion of the roof with it.
Our neighbor called 911 because we didn’t answer the phone when they called to check on us and they thought we were dead. So we had the fire chief, a fire truck, the police and ambulance arrive while I was outside rescuing the chicken from the grill. The storm was so loud, I didn’t hear all these special visitors when they came to the front door.
Oh…I forgot to mention the insurance claim people came too.
We got the tree completely removed and a new roof.
Years ago, a micro-burst came through our neighborhood. Right before bed I heard the weatherman say we might have some “interesting weather” through the night. Hmmm. A couple hours later there were flashes of strobe-like lightening and a sound like a freight train running through the streets.
We should have run to the basement, but instead, we opened the shades in our bedroom and peered out the huge front window. No, it’s not the smartest things we’ve ever done, nor the dumbest. But we’ll never forget it.
One of my favorite storm stories happened when I was a child in the spring-time. My big brother stood with me at the front door of our house and we counted the seconds between the flashes of light and the rumble of thunder. we’d just finished spring cleaning, as did most of the moms in the neighborhood. It was a rather religious ceremony. It must have been under the heading of, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” because these women took it dead serious. Every wall, carpet, hardwood floor was scrubbed. Every piece of upholstered furniture, curtain and item of bedding washed, all wood furniture and molding, washed and polished.
There was a sudden, bright flash of lightening immediately followed by a crack and then a boom of thunder. The force made us fall back from the door.
When the firetruck pulled in front of my best friend and next door neighbor’s house, I was very frightened.
Lightening had struck the attack of their two-family home and their was smoke coming from the roof. The firemen walked up the steps in their yellow coats and boots, carrying axes and extinguishers and knocked on the front door.
Next thing we knew, the firemen were grumbling as they descended the front steps, and walked around to the back door of the house.
Apparently dear Mrs. Rose, informed the firemen they were NOT walking through her house with ‘those dirty boots’ as she’d just scrubbed her carpet, and they’d have to go around to the back. Which they did.
When we go through something difficult, people often refer to it as “the storms of life.” I’m not sure I feel the same, but I suppose there are plenty of similarities. Real storms pass quickly and I know that. Life storms are unpredictable.


One Response to “Day 17 of 30 Days/30 Blogs It was a Dark and Stormy Night”

  1. susangilbertcollins November 18, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    I absolutely love these stories of storms! And what a dramatic way to get a new roof — definitely worked out well, but must have been so scary at the time.

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