Day 14 of 30 Days/30 Blogs A little more effort

15 Nov

It is taking a little more effort to continue to write a blog each day. Tomorrow is the half way point. Once I get started each night, I seem to find a few thoughts worth repeating. The problem is that I start so late at night…in my ‘remains of the day.’
Writing can be like diet and exercise. Everyone is determined on January 2nd of each year, but around the 15th you lose steam, you don’t want to leave the house to walk outdoors or drive to the gym because it’s cold out!
It takes a little more effort. I try to go with a friend. It makes exercise bearable.
When it’s time to write, I find a cup of tea sets the moment. That and comfortable clothes. It’s late again. The house is quiet, the wind outside, a bit wild, But It’s nice and warm by the fire where I write.


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