Day 13 of 30 days/30 Blogs

14 Nov

I am very thankful for my life. I like my jobs (there is more than one) and most of them involve music, which means I don’t make a lot of money. But there’s no greater feeling for any teacher, than when a student turns on and ‘gets’ it. Or they really hear themselves for the first time, create something beautiful, and are pleased.
There’s always a challenge too. There’s always someone convinced they ‘can’t.’ They just can’t learn music, they just can’t play piano, they just can’t coordinate their hands, etc. etc.
I love to convince people they are mistaken when it comes to all their ‘I can’ts’
Maybe that’s why God chose to make learning a little more challenging to me…so that no one I teach would be able to use me as an excuse not to try. I’ve thought that about people often. Oh, everything comes easy to them. They barely have to try. They’re just a natural.
I guess all our little defects have a greater purpose than to simply annoy us.


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