Day 11 of 30 days/ 30 blogs Salute to Veterans and Their Families

12 Nov

I’ve enjoyed the pictures posted on FB today of family, friends and community members who’ve served in the military. Great pictures, great stories and great pride with appreciation.

When I watch the news, see the chaos and violence going on around the world, I’ve gotta tells you, I get scared. I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I wonder how we’d manage if it came here. 911 was close enough.

As a child we’d hear air-raid sirens going off and if we were in school we were told to hide under our desks. Like that would do us any good. I’d worry our country would come under attack while I was in school, my dad was at work and I couldn’t get home to my mom.

My mom was pregnant with my older brother when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

As a new mom, we were still in the Cold War. What if we were invaded by Russia? What if Lary and I were separated from our children?

Because young men and women in this country have been serving in the military since I was that little kid in Kindergarten, none of my fearful imaginations have become a reality here in my lifetime. We’ve been covered by their service. And by God’s grace.

And so I thank my family and relatives, friends, neighbors and everyone who has served in times of war as well as times of peace. You’ve done well. You’ve kept us safe and made us proud.

And for the families of those men and women who didn’t get to come home, I barely know what to say… aside from, you’ve done well. You’ve kept us safe. You’ve made us proud. And you’ve given more than most.

Happy Veteran’s Day.


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