Aside 11 Nov

It is my humble opinion that the pomegranate is proof of Intelligent design. It is one of the most beautiful of all fruits with a magical burst of flavor that squirts through your mouth with the slightest pressure from your teeth.

My first experience with a pomegranate was around the age of ten. Friends of my parents invited us to their home by Skaneateles Lake for Thanksgiving. I thought I’d gone to some exotic land. The woman’s name was Joan and her husband was John. Joan was always very kind to me. We shared the same birthday too.

She cut the pomegranate into wedges and we bit into it, white membrane and all. I didn’t care. I’d never tasted anything so delicious.

I wish she could have watched my children enjoy those red fruity seeds she’d introduced me to. She died of cancer shortly after my second child was born, not long after my mom. They both would have been impressed with the way the folks at Wegmans opened a pomegranate.

Rather than wedges, I learned to cut off the edges and score the skin. Next, it is soaked under water for forty-five minutes, which helps the outer shell to come off and pull apart. The seeds can easily be coaxed from the membrane.

A clear glass bowl is best to hold the shiny red gems. It’s tempting to grab them by the handful and throw them into your mouth, but then they’re gone too quick. It’s best to eat them by the spoonful, slowly.

On days when I’ve chosen to think about things other than manuscripts and challenges, pomegranates play an important part. And it’s been a happy day.

There was a sermon in church this morning. It wasn’t a new message. I’d heard it before. But it was the reminder I needed.

We all need to come to terms with who we are. We need to accept ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. It was a good reminder to start off a new week.

Today is also the last day of my birthday week. We closed it out with a Boston Creme Pie, another childhood favorite. Over this weekend I’ve had time with both grandsons, Dominick and Liam, and have enjoyed celebrating my birthday with all my children. I’m thankful for face-time! I have a lot to be thankful for.


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  1. susangilbertcollins November 11, 2013 at 4:01 am #

    I join you in your praise of the pomegranate! I didn’t encounter my first one until adulthood, but I was fascinated by the role it played in the Greek myth of Persephone. I didn’t fully understand why she would eat the seeds of this fruit until I tried it myself. 🙂

    You’re inspiring me to treat myself to one more often…thank you!

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