Day 9 of 30 days/30 blogs Did I really say I never give up?

10 Nov

I’ve mentally pictured what it would feel like to grow thicker skin.  I’m not very good with criticism, even when it’s constructive. That is not helpful for someone who does anything creative and intends to continue. There must be an easier way.
I made a commitment to myself and one to God. I’d put everything  into this manuscript and receive every critique as a means  for improvement. I’d give it until the end of 2013… and then lay it down

The comments have come in. I panicked. Again. It’s like the world ended and everyone died or went to jail. And to top it off, no one was available to go for a walk and listen to me whine. So I went by myself.

At first I planned to walk, pray, cry, but when I got to the top of the hill I wondered if the Italian’s were working on the lights. And there she was. Standing by the wooden angels along the path with a couple tangled strings of lights.

I offered to help. Reintroduced myself. and together we untangled the strings. Her husband came out of the house dressed in a tux. He looked good. And I discovered something. She’s from Italy, he’s not. When they met, she couldn’t speak English and he didn’t know any Italian. They’ve been married 50+ years. I watched as she poked lights into the holes that were drilled around the edges of the angels. And then she plugged them in.

He was very excited about the decorating. She invited me to stop back and see the trains once they were set up. I said I would and then continued my walk. Things didn’t seem quite so grim after that.

The manuscript is supposed to be submitted before Thanksgiving. I can’t imagine I’ll transform all my writing deficiencies in that short period of time but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. There are 51 days until the end of 2013. Anything can happen.



One Response to “Day 9 of 30 days/30 blogs Did I really say I never give up?”

  1. Debbie November 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    Angela, Thanks for sharing your blog. Love reading them! You’re such a talented writer! Keep it up!~Debbie

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