Day 8 of 30 days/30 bogs

9 Nov

Sometimes the only reason you do a certain thing is that you’ve committed to do it. Like this blog.
My friend called from Florida with her final comments on my manuscript. She’s excited for me. Tomorrow I meet with my teen reader. I can’t begin to imagine what her comments will be. I’m thinking of things like, “You’re how old? You’re a grandma? What makes you think you can write YA fiction?”
I’ve asked myself the same thing. And here’s my answer:
I remember my teen years as though they were ten minutes ago. The things I felt, feared and loved are as vivid now as they were then. Somewhere around the age of fourteen I started to write a novel about what it was like to be a teen. But then life got complicated, I got distracted and convinced myself, after one hundred plus hand-written pages, that the whole idea was stupid. I tossed it and the story remained untold.
Years later…a whole lot of years later…I decided the story deserved a chance. Only this time, it would have an Irish twist. No, I’m not Irish. Not at all.
Speaking of not being Irish, I drove by my Italian neighbor’s house today. The small angels are lined up along the path that leads from the front of the house through the woods and the large angels are leaning against one of the tall maple trees. The creche is in place, still empty of course, and the garden ornaments are gathered into one place, waiting to be stored away for the winter.
Nothing is lit up yet. They’ve a ways to go and I’ll be excited to see how they progress tomorrow.
There’s a little guy sleeping in his pac ‘n play upstairs. I’m hoping he sleeps through the night so that I can too. I’m even hoping he sleeps in later than 6:30. But most of all, I’m hoping he doesn’t completely freak out at the sight of Lary or myself when he does wake up and notices we aren’t his mom. This is a historic moment…our grandson Liam’s first night away.
I can’t wait to take him and our grandson Dominick to see our neighbors when they are finished setting up all the angels, the creche, the reindeer , and the lights are turned on. I can’t wait to see their little faces.


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