Day 6 of 30 days/30 blogs

7 Nov

It’s been a long, full day. That’s my way of saying, it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m not sure I’ll make a whole lot of sense writing this blog tonight.

Seems as though I am writing at the very end of the day each time-but I AM writing. 

My day was filled with good things. Important to me things. I taught music class at Cornerstone Christian Academy today. When I came home I taught my private piano students. One of the young ones did a story recital today. I love those.

I took time to finally carve the little pumpkin Lary bought and made pumpkin seeds too. There’s something about the smell of a candle inside a pumpkin. 

Lary, Sam and I had supper in front of the TV before I took off to spend time with my small group. Returned to critique stories for my critique group, practiced a little piano and then, believe it or not, watched the Country Music Awards with Sam. 

That’s what mom’s do. They learn about hockey and soccer, though they still can’t tell if someone is “off-sides” after 20 yrs. of watching. And we stay open to the music our kids like. We make the effort to discover what it is that makes them enjoy what they enjoy.

Sometimes it means letting them set up ‘radio stations’ on your Iphone’s Pandora app. You should see my play-list. Luke Bryan through The Killers and everything in-between. 


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