Day 3 Notes on Life and Piano

2 Nov

Yeah!!! I didn’t lose yesterday’s blog. I just couldn’t find it. Now I can update it for today’s Blog!

Today is Day 3 of 30 days/30 blogs. The act of being consistent on three consecutive days is cause for celebration. For someone like me, it’d rather make lists and schedules of everything that needs to be consistently accomplished.

I have several variations of lists and schedules all over the place. Everything looks perfect on paper. Life looks perfect on paper.

I have a ‘life schedule’ that’s supposed to help me remember to make supper. According to the schedule, it’s possible to make supper, practice piano, reconcile bills, file papers, pay bills,clean, teach piano lessons, music class and mini maestros rec. center class, edit for my critique group, write, pray, have fun, do laundry, grocery shop, hang with my family and watch re-runs of “Everybody Loves Raymond” on a daily basis. Oh, yeah, and exercise.

And there’s a perfect time to do each thing. Everyone knows you pray first. Second, you peel and chop vegetables. ( because afternoon peeling and chopping makes me anxious.)

On Saturday the schedule said, “clean my bathroom.” So, yesterday, I did half of it before Lary and I left for Robb’s fruit farm for apple cider. Cleaning can wait. Apple cider cannot.

We’ve gone to Robb’s for apples and cider for years. They used to raise pigs too. But I’m not sure if they retired from that part of the business or not.

Our kids used  to run up to the pig pen fence with a lot of enthusiasm. It would startled the pigs, and make them squeal as they ran to the other side of the pen. We’d back up quick before the mud would fly in our direction. Sometimes we weren’t so fast…and then we’d squeal.

Years back our friends Jim and Lorrie Brown rented a house on this farm. I thought of Lorrie as we walked into the cider mill and smelled fresh donuts. Lorrie used to make the donuts. They’ve since moved to Vermont and it’s been a while since we’ve gone to visit them there, but the rule is, you always bring cider from Robb’s. It’s preferred to anything they have in Vermont.

I really love fall and all the colors.  A couple weeks ago I rode with a friend to New Hampshire  for a writer’s retreat. As I looked out the car windows I think I smiled all the way there…when I wasn’t talking about how excited I was. The leaves were at their peak and you could smell wood fires in that cold autumn air.

But once home and settled, 53 mph winds came in with the start of November and blew all the leaves off our trees. And then it rained. And everything’s a bit dark.

I bought a leaf garland and orange mini lights a couple years ago to hang on the mantle above the fireplace. It adds a little warmth and color this time of year. It’s part of my fall routine. I plug in the lights, pour my coffee…pray.

By the time we returned from Robb’s and visiting our son Mike and Grandson Dominick, it’s was  past supper time. Lary grabbed a bag of cavatelli from the fridge. I grabbed a jar of Prego from the cupboard. That’s right. I resort to sauce out of the jar more often than any self-respecting Sicilian should admit. Why? Because I dodn’t stick to the schedule.

I didn’t finish cleaning the bathroom, didn’t practice piano or file papers or most everything else on the schedule. I definitely did not exercise.

But I got my cider and donuts with Lary, played with Dominick, had time with all three of my sons, talked to two special people on the phone and wrote this blog.

Lary and I dished ate our ‘fast food’ and then I noticed Lary had a bowl with a clump of iceberg lettuce topped with a glop of Marie’s Blue cheese dressing. Um, darn, I forgot all about peeling and chopping.

I missed peel and chop again today. Wouldn’t want to book keep, file or clean on  a day of rest, though laundry was a necessity, I suppose I should practice piano. I’m the teacher, after all. Good example is important. Exercise crossed my mind…

Tomorrow is Monday. All good things can begin again on Monday.

I envision a new list…one that will work… things need to be added…I need to learn how to ‘tag’ my blogs, find the button that displays the time zone I actually live in, remove the card from my iPhone and figure how to develop pictures for Christmas cards…..

IS there a life coach out there who’d want to organize my life in exchange for piano lessons?

You know where to find me.


One Response to “Day 3 Notes on Life and Piano”

  1. Alana November 6, 2013 at 6:04 am #

    We have lived in CA for 2 autumns now and I think Andrew misses Robb’s cider more than anything else in the state. I really enjoy your writing style. Thanks for sharing.

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